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Focus of the Week and Things to Try

Some of us are in week 2 of children at home. You may have taken last week as a spring break, and you mayRead More

Standardized Testing

Is Your State Canceling Standardized Testing?

States are beginning to suspend standardized testing. Check with your child’s school or your state’s Department of Education for updates. For California families: GovernorRead More

Home Schooling Answers Daily Schedule

Additional Scheduling Resources

Grades TK-12 Why we recommend: Khan Academy offers detailed schedules for students of all ages. They are a well-respected resource with an abundance ofRead More

Home Schooling Answers Community

Connect with Community

How do we stay connected to others? With little or no opportunity to physically interact with others, consider building some face-to-face time into yourRead More

Home Schooling Answers Academic Plan

Start an Academic Plan

What is it my children need to know, understand, or do to stay on track for learning this year? This part may be toughRead More

Home Schooling Answers Community

Assess Your Child’s Learning Style

What is it that my child(ren) need to thrive in this environment? This article will give you some characteristics to look for and alsoRead More

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Set Up A Work Space/Gather Resources

Where will your kids learn? Even if this answer may change from time to time, setting up a designated space in your home whereRead More

Home Schooling Answers Daily Schedule

Plan a Daily Schedule

What does a typical day consist of for our family? There are a lot of different ways to homeschool, and you don’t have toRead More

Home Schooling Answers

Hold A Family Meeting

How do you generate “buy-in” from everyone involved and work to be on the same page? We suggest that you gather as a familyRead More