Covid-19 Lesson Plans and Activities

Covid-19 Lesson Plans and Activities


COVID-19 Lesson Plans and Activities

How do we understand COVID-19 and help others during this time? 

TK-12th grade  

Why we recommend: In this unprecedented time, children may be struggling to understand why they are not in school and engaging in normal activity. Here are some great ways you can incorporate current events into your daily academic time. 

How to use:  

  1. As the adult, decide what it is you want your children to know, explain, and do about COVID-19. 
  2. Search through our suggested resources below to determine which resources you’d like to use. There are lots of great websites and databases available. 
  3. Introduce your project with the essential question above or your own essential question. 
  4. Let your children brainstorm a list of what they already know and what they would like to know (hint: this will guide what resources and lessons you might focus on). 
  5. Before you start learning, you may want to ask what you, as a family, want to do during this time? How can you be a helper? Who needs help? What is it you can do daily, or even once or twice, to make a difference in your family and your community? 
  6. Make a plan for how your children will demonstrate their learning. See below for a list of sample projects! It may be as simple as writing a report or talking to you about what they learned. It may be as big as a fun video channel, creating a poster for the neighborhood, writing letters to the elderly about how to stay safe, etc. 
  7. Dive in and enjoy the learning. 

-This site offers students 13 and up a live-moderated spot where they can post their thoughts, feelings, and questions, and communicate with other teenagers around the world.

On the page, you can also find links to:

– Easy and appropriate for all ages –  video on COVID-19. 

-PDF Printable Book for small children (in multiple languages) 

-A map for tracking the spread of the outbreak.

– Useful advice on preparing for the coronavirus.

Common Sense Media’s guide to talking to your children about COVID-19

– A visual explanation of “How Coronavirus Hijacks Your Cells” (for which The Learning Network also has a lesson plan)

– A chart that explains why “flattening the curve” to slow the spread of the infection is nearly as important as stopping it.

PBS Collection of teacher-created lesson plans and activities for COVID-19. 

Teen invents database. And Math and COVID 19. 

Project Ideas for Children to Present Their Learning