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English Language Arts

Consider your goal in ELA is to foster a love of reading, experience with writing, and confidence in speaking. You can choose to take a structured approach or a child-led approach (suggested for reluctant readers) and incorporate a number of other academic disciplines, child interests and passions, and daily life opportunities.

Reading: Read at minimum 20-30 minutes daily. This should be something your child is interested in reading and appropriate to grade level. HERE is a great article on approaches to reading for each age range. Your child may choose to keep a reading log or may choose to record reading in other ways (a picture journal, a nightly recap or performance of what they read, etc.). Your goal here is to get kids to read!

Writing: Consider getting started asking your child to journal for a few minutes each day. They might enjoy crafting and decorating their journal cover to personalize it (no need to get fancy-a few sheets of blank or lined paper folded together is enough). Help your small children number the bottoms of the page and encourage your older children to add elements like a table of contents, glossary, list of characters, etc.

Speaking: Don’t forget that learning to speak well takes daily practice. Engage in frequent conversations with your children about what they are doing, and consider asking them to complete a Presentation of Learning for large projects they complete at home.

How Long: Aim for 15-30 minutes daily for each foundational ELA category. You may choose to do longer blocks of time and rotate what you do.

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