Digital Citizenship Lesson Ideas

Digital Citizenship Lesson Ideas

Digital Citizenship 

How do I contribute positively when using technology and internet tools? How do I keep myself safe? 

TK-12th grade  

Why we recommend: Chances are, we are all feeling grateful for continued access to the internet during social isolation. However, now more than ever, it’s essential we educate our children on how to use technology appropriately and safely. Make sure to set your expectations and give information and support so your children can meet those expectations. Here are some resources for doing so. 

How to use:  

  1. As the adult, decide what it is your children can and cannot have access to online. It is okay to set firm boundaries and say NO when it comes to social media, websites, and overall use. 
  2. Search through our suggested resources below to determine which resources you’d like to use. There are lots of great websites and databases available.
  3. Let your children brainstorm a list of what they already know and what they would like to learn about digital citizenship (hint: this will guide what resources and lessons you might focus on). 
  4. Watch and explore some of our suggested resources. 
  5. Create a list, poster, or handout of what it means for your family to be good digital citizens. Post in your study area and refer back to when needed. 

Common Sense Media Resources for all age groups: 

Grades TK-8




For Teens: