Early Childhood Blog, Week 5

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Welcome back to the Little iLEADers Home School Blog!  We hope your children enjoyed last week’s activities. We would love to see pictures/videos of their cloud art, sidewalk chalk art,binoculars and nature walks! Feel free to post them on our Little iLEADers Facebook and Instagram pages! Little iLEADers Facebook Page

Parent Survival Pep Talk of the Week: Involving children in household tasks

You’ve now survived four weeks in quarantine!  Drink wine, lots and lots of wine! Okay here is our actual tip of the week. Finding ways to involve children in household tasks, helps to build a sense of responsibility, independence and sense of teamwork. It’s also the way in which you present the ideas to them, like “I wish I had a big helper to fold these towels” or “Do I have any big helpers today?”  Generally children love to be your special assistant!

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Folding towels
  2. Washing the plastic dishes
  3. Putting away the reusable storage containers, sorting by size and shape
  4. Replacing the toilet paper rolls when they run out
  5. Sock matching specialists
  6. Baking and/or cooking with simple recipes/ingredients

“Mess to Memories” has wonderful downloadable chore charts.