Early Childhood Education Blog, Week 4

Early Childhood Education Blog

ECE Homeschool Blog  ~ from your friends at Little iLEADers!

Welcome to the Little iLEADers Home School Blog!  We are excited to get out some new and fun resources for you and your child(ren) to enjoy.  The activities will be geared towards Infants through Pre-K aged Learners, from 0-5 years. Our goal is to align the iLEAD philosophy with children’s home environment to help create meaningful play experiences and support social/emotional development.

Parent Survival Pep Talk of the Week:

You’ve now survived three weeks in quarantine!  We are here to help. Review the below ideas for week four.  Pick all, or just a few to help fight the boredom and stir-craziness, and your little learner will thank you for it! Our goal each week is to provide non-technology focused activities.  While we understand that technology can become a convenient option to fill the extra time, we hope that these activities will provide fun and engaging experiences that you can do together.  Here’s one quick tip for this week to get you by!

Develop a Routine:

    1. Children are visual learners. Creating a daily visual routine can make it easier for them to navigate their day. One example is to create a picture schedule, pay careful attention not “fill” the schedule with too many things.  Rather make sure there are limited transitions. Ask children to be involved in the planning of the schedule and drawing pictures. Here is an example of one that you could create: 

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