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What does a typical day consist of for our family?

There are a lot of different ways to homeschool, and you don’t have to lock-in on one style right away; you may end up blending ideas for the perfect fit. Give yourselves some time to figure out what works best for your family.

Click HERE for our schedule suggestions and template to create your own. Get creative. Be curious about it. And know that it will most likely evolve and shift as you start to discover what works best for your family dynamic. There are a lot of suggested homeschooling schedules online. Don’t reinvent the wheel if you find one that seems like a good fit.

A general recommendation is that students are engaged for four-six hours, five days a week. Some families will be more comfortable sticking to a traditional school day schedule, and others will take a more casual approach.

No matter how you choose to schedule, consider starting your day with a quick meeting to set goals and intentions for the day, and end your day with a closing time to reflect on what went well, what was learned, and what needs to get done for tomorrow.

Post your schedule where everyone can see. Children need visual reminders to help them stay accountable to set expectations.

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