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Where will your kids learn? Even if this answer may change from time to time, setting up a designated space in your home where you plan on spending the most time is important. Let your kids help with the planning.

For younger learners, think about a space where the parent and learner can work together comfortably. A nook in the kitchen or living room with a small storage bin will do. Check out this Pinterest board for some inspiration. Keep it simple, minimize distraction, and make it fun and comfortable.

For teens, think about a space where they are comfortable. Avoid having distractions such as TVs in the workspace. Think about flexible seating options so teens can move around throughout the day. Consider hanging a bulletin board or wall calendar to help keep track of important things. Make the space a place your teen wants to be. Check HERE for some inspiration.

Supplies to have at your workspace:

Remember, the space doesn’t have to be fancy, and you don’t have to spend money. Think about what you already have and make it work for you!

Additional resources:


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