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What is it my children need to know, understand, or do to stay on track for learning this year?

This part may be tough because you weren’t planning on homeschooling mid-year, so you may not have a grasp on where your child left-off in the classroom. If you can chat with your child’s teacher to get ideas of where they were in the content standards and curriculum, you will have a better idea of where to start. The good news? Many of the curriculum resources we’re sharing are open-ended and adaptive. That means that software recommendations are going to assess your child’s level and provide them with a customized curriculum. Yes, really! And other resources we share are open-ended and wonderful for many different levels of learning.

Below is an excellent resource that identifies the basic skills your child should know in each grade level. Note: these are based on Common Core and California State Standards. If you are out of state, check HERE for a list of your state’s standards.

Please don’t cover every skill on this list. Focus on one-two at a time and know that your child will tell you how much time they may need to spend on each. They might zoom through some and need more practice on others. You can always revisit skills as you find resources and activities you love!

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