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Using this Framework

Below you will find our favorite resources for a full day of learning at home. Use our Sample Schedules to plan a daily routine that works best for you. We’ve provided voice and choice for you to pick what might work best for your learner. A few reminders:

  • Less can be more. Don’t start off with too much.
  • Focus on morning meeting and daily foundational practice
  • One elective activity daily is enough
  • Let your child decide how they want to do extension activities based on what they are interested in.
  • Manage your expectations-use the chart to determine how long to expect a child to focus on an academic area. It’s okay to break up learning time with wiggle breaks, snacks, movement, play, and free-time and then come back to the activity.
  • Share what you’re doing with us on Facebook. We want to celebrate you!

iLEAD Lesson Plans

Why we Love

We’ve compiled resources from our own network of schools to give to you for free. Check back for more lesson plans and resources as we go. These are the strategies we incorporate into our best practices daily in our school sites.

How to Use

You’ll find a combination of big picture tools for you as you guide your child’s education at home and stand alone project-based lessons that you can implement without much planning and thought.

Morning Meeting

Why we Love

Here are some ideas and resources for you to start the day off as a family, get inspired, and feel informed. These resources come from highly reputable sites.

How to Use

The possibilities for morning meeting time are endless. Our suggestions can be used during breakfast or after a morning walk as you talk about and plan your day. You may also extend some of these activities when afternoon boredom hits, and everyone needs a quick pick-me-up, or use during dinner or as part of the bedtime routine to bring the family together in conversation. Lastly, these might inspire child-led projects. Click HERE for a design guide to help your child DIY their learning!

Daily Foundational Practice

English Language Arts



Deeper Learning Resources

Why we Love

Our educators and partners have vetted these resources.  The recommendations give parents both options that can be completed independently by your child and options that provide opportunities for family time and learning together.

How to Use

Use these tools to expand understanding or reinforce concepts.  They can be used during PBL (Project Based Learning) time, elective/free-choice time, embedded into lessons with mom/dad, or used during family fun time (check out Bedtime Math – don’t let the name fool you).


Why we Love

There are thousands of free elective resources online. We’ve pulled a few for you to start off with based on the feedback from our own iLEAD homeschool families and teachers.

How to Use

Use as confidence boosters, extensions of foundational learning (use an art class to draw something that was introduced in an ELA lesson, etc), and brain breaks. Electives should be FUN and engaging for your child, so let them choose what they feel up to for the day. It’s okay if they choose the same thing over and over again and never get to something that doesn’t interest them. Keep a journal or portfolio of all the great work they’re doing in their electives.